November 3, 2013


Another month has passed and we're on to November. The weather still resembles summer, but the mornings and evenings have that little kick of cold in them already... I guess winter is a slow starter here. I took considerably less pictures this month but then again the last recap was one for three months. October was great with pumpkin products, a pumpkin pie recipe experiment and the actual pumpkin carving. I found my beloved Kinder Buenos, had two of them and found out I'm quite the fan of Starbucks' mocha frappucino... There was The Killing and many other shows that are taking up most of my spare time and we tried to establish our goal of doing a weekly hike. 

There was the Belgian Meetup evening at O'Briens, a big birthday, many new ciders I tried and a new resolution: living greener. I ordered some products from The Body Shop since I really believe I need to focus more on what I buy and especially what's in it or where it's made. The Body Shop is just the first step, but I think it's important to support brands that offer organic or ecological products that have not been tested on animals or are at least trying harder to achieve this than other brands. That's my very early new year's resolution already and I'm sure I'll start writing more about that once I read into it more.

Hope you had a great month!
PS: is it just me or are you excited for Christmas already too? 

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