December 29, 2013


Happy Holidays everyone! I was planning on putting this post up before Christmas... and that didn't work out so I'm turning it into a general post about the holidays. My first Christmas Eve without presents and my first Christmas day with presents has come and gone. We had a family lunch on the 25th and the food was delicious: standing rib with mashed potatoes, baked pineapple (absolutely loved this experiment) and a salad followed by an abundance of presents afterwards. I think it took two hours to open all the prezzies...

But most of all this holiday season in California has been H-O-T. Summer temperatures on Christmas are new to me and jackets have been superfluous so far, trust me I've tried. That being said, it is nice to not be freezing to death all the time but I have to admit I miss having the possibility of snow, the cold winters and the windy bike rides home.

Awesome German tree decorations (wish I could send them to my friends in Germany), having just wine on Christmas Eve, and our new incredibly cool tetris lamp.

It has been a wonderful week of celebrations and I'm ready to kick off 2014 next week. We're having some of Nick's friends over and I'm sure it will be a great evening. And all I'm hoping for this year is for this whole new life and crazy adventure to work out. It is my first holiday season without my parents and I'm pretty sure it's not going to be my last. So I'm hoping this long distance family thing will become a tiny bit easier. I hope that we can create a new routine in keeping up to date with each others life without being focused to much on this huge distance between us. I hope it's going to be an adventurous year, but also one for relaxing where pieces of this enormous puzzle can finally be put into place. One by one...

What are your plans/hopes/resolutions for 2014? 

PS: I've seen so many people wearing Christmas sweaters in the past few days... and NOT the good kind unfortunately. So I'm not sorry to be saying goodbye to that for another year.

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