January 1, 2014


So long 2013 and hello 2014. 

I can't say last year was an exceptionally great year. It was mostly filled with anxiously waiting for news on our paperwork, getting up at 5.30 in the morning to skype and then go to work, saying goodbye to my family and friends which was actually heartbreaking and organizing my dream wedding in under a month. Let's just say I've had my share of stressful moments!

My celebration of welcoming the new year wasn't very exciting either this year. The flu has been raging through the family and Nick was the last in a long line to catch it (so far I've been able to dodge the bullet, knock on wood!) so most of our plans were cancelled. I did join the fellow Belgians in SD for a drink (lemonade in my case) after work and celebrate the Belgian New Year at 3pm. The Blind Lady Ale House is definitely worth a visit! I picked up pizza on the way home, opened the bottle of cava, watched the ball drop in New York - I really expected something more... like I thought it would explode/open and confetti would come out - and went to bed at 10 because I had to work the next day. That might sound like a sad story, but when you think of it I had already celebrated not one but two midnights: the one in Belgium and the one in New York. A girl can only take so much...

By the way am I the only one who finds it strange that the whole nation is focused on New York for New Year's? Where are all the other celebrations? Fireworks in California, Washington, Texas? This one takes me back to the beginning of 2011...

Anyway, I don't want to sound ungrateful so I am going to end on a positive note: 2013 was great because it's the year I got married to my best friend and soul mate, it's the year I learned the value of true friends despite the distance and great family and it's the year I landed smack in the middle of adult life (it's an ongoing process: stay tuned). 

May 2014 be a year of great adventures, lots of love and new challenges!

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