March 13, 2014


Lake Poway on during the day, at sunset and when it was raining
Lake Poway might not sound very exciting, but it's one of those hidden gems you get to go to regularly when you live in the area. It's a big part of my memories of the first time I visited the US (Nick thought it a great idea to bike up the hill the day after I arrived: the jet lag didn't agree) and nowadays it's omnipresent in my every day life. Ain't I a lucky girl? I started running again last month so I've spent a lot of time there. For anyone who doesn't enjoy running on a road, this is perfect: there are many different trails and you always have a beautiful view. I met my first American mountain in Poway. Mount Woodson and I might still not be best friends, but it's pretty famous for the potato chip rock at the top. It can get really crowded on the weekends because of that. 

I don't have pictures of the hiking trail and I never want to queue for the silly rock (I figure since we live so close I'll do it another time) but I took these pictures a few weeks ago before that big rainfall and I think the sunset was just gorgeous so I had to share them. 

So it's definitely a recommendation for anyone who's in the area and likes hiking, running, fishing or just having a BBQ with friends. 

In the meantime we've switched to Summer Time here already (three weeks ahead of you Europe!) and it's been nice to see the days getting longer. Except for that first Monday when I was completely confused with the time zones so I woke up at 5 because I thought I had to start at 6. Turns out the time difference with Europe is now 8 hours instead of 9 so I can start and hour later until the end of March. But that first Monday sucked big time.

Other than that I've been living in a parallel universe the last few days (hence my absence) since I finished all three the Divergent books in a couple of days. I am experiencing major withdrawal symptoms and am forever traumatised by that unexpected finale. I would like to recover from all that info for a few days, but unfortunately I signed up for a book club so I have to finish another book by next week. But I'm excited at the same time. Wish me luck!

What sort of hidden gems do you cherish in your neighbourhood?

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