May 24, 2014


First of all, sorry for my absence! It's been three weeks since we moved into our first apartment and for me it's the first time I'm officially living on my own (together). I've lived in student flats before, but everyone knows that's just a fun bubble reflecting the real world. After all, I wasn't paying my own bill yet (I think that's one of the criteria of adult life right?). So here it goes: ten thoughts on moving into your first apartment...
  • I'm calling insurance companies these days and I have no clue what I'm saying, they know that and I know that. We sometimes even make jokes about it. Hey, they don't teach you that in college...
  • Moving out goes a lot faster when you don't actually have anything
  • Ah, the perks of having a one person kitchen... said no one ever.
    It's either a great way to avoid having to help cooking or a very sad and lonely story when it's your turn.
  • Wanting to buy really cute decorations, but having to comprise SUCKS
    Why can't a girl have her neon lights and glitters?
  • How 'Yes, I'm paying my own bills!!' quickly loses its charm
  • Cooking pasta in a pan actually works or how everything you've been taught is wrong
    PS: it works for hot dogs too!
  • Realizing that compromising on furniture actually turned out pretty darn good
    We must be made for each other.
  • Having the possibility to go to the beach everyday, doesn't mean it actually happens. Oh, life.
  • How you didn't know you grew used to having air conditioning, until you have to live without again #climatecontrol
  • Using the laundry room for the first means seeing your first 5 dollars go down the drain because you couldn't be bothered to read the instructions properly. How very mature of you, Nathalie.
  • How you discover all of the little flaws of your new home within two weeks but still love it because it's your first home. Oh, and you know, you're building up experience for renting your next place.

Have a great (Memorial Day) weekend!


  1. Oh the challenges of being out on our own ;)
    Enjoy your new home Nathalie!

  2. Oh gosh! Your post reminds me so much of my first time leaving the nest and really facing a brave new world alone. Hahaha! That list really cracked me up, though there are some serious undertones between the lines. I guess that's inevitable when one is growing up. I hope you've learned most of the ropes by now, and that there are no other surprise problems coming along your way. Thanks for sharing! All the best to you, Nathalie!

    Gregg Jackson @ Sherrill & Cameron


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