May 6, 2014


It's been over two weeks since our Easter hike (great job on being up to date Nathalie) and I can still feel the burning feeling in my muscles when I think of that day. It was tough and although I'm not an athlete, I'd like to think I'm not completely out of shape. Part of the difficulty is definitely the altitude and I'd been warned about it, but didn't know what to expect. So anyone attempting to conquer this mountain... you've been double warned! 

The die hards can start all the way at the bottom of this mountain, which is the second highest in California. Needless to say I'm nowhere near that level (nor do I think I will ever have the discipline to get there). Like every other tourist we took the (Swiss) tramway up. Apparently it's one of the only three tramways with a revolving platform in the world! And guess what, Nick has now been on two out of three (he took the one in South Africa). I'm jealous.

Palm Springs is almost two hours from North County so we left pretty early to catch the 8AM tramway up. Unsurprisingly, we were the only ones.... It gave me the opportunity to snap some good pictures (no chance of doing that on the way down) but we also could choose not to let the platform revolve. My queasy stomach and I decided not take that risk so early in the morning. 

The Alpine climate felt really refreshing and there was even SNOW!! Technically I could cross that off my list now, but since it hadn't snowed recently it was mostly just ice. Anyway, the fresh air and nature made me think of Switzerland and brought back a lot of memories. 

The Cabin means you're ALMOST there
That's San Gorgonio straight ahead, the highest peak in California

Pondering about life on top of a mountain felt appropriate
San Jacinto is the only mountain I've hiked that has a 'real' peak. At 3.302m (or 10.834 feet) it felt incredible to stand up there and be able to look out over the valley and dessert below. It was almost surreal and I felt like I was on top of the world... until I had to walk all the way down again of course. 

When did you have a 'surreal' travel moment?
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  1. I love cable cars but that one looks really really high! Also I've never been to a mountain that high and I would probably get a headache from the thin air ;) But the view is amazing and the woods look so not like California at all!

    1. Yes, we brought medicine in case we got a headache (and I did!), I also felt a bit weird the whole time because my body had to work harder for less oxygen. But the views are definitely worth it ;)

  2. Cable cars always scare me but the views often turn out to be totally worth it! These views look amazing.

    1. It was a surreal experience :) I usually like cable cars but I'd never been on one this high and with a revolving floor so that was scary!

  3. Looks at those views - amazing. Can you take the Cable Car all the way to the top?

    1. IUnfortunately you can't, the cable car goes up about half way I guess... and from there it's an 11 mile hike round trip to the top. I would've liked to take the cable car down from the top though and skip the way back! ;) But it also makes it very empty at the top and so much more impressive.


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