June 4, 2014



Hello my beloved readers! I don't know about you but I've had two incredibly busy weeks with lots of work and lots of things to plan (and lots of other things I should have done but I'm ignoring that). Someone bumped into my car (read: Nick's car), I'm a complete control freak and organising my Belgian Party (which is next month by the way) from here is stressing me out and also I'm doing my best to build up a social life. Yes, I am as surprised as you are...

Somehow moving into our apartment and the fact that I feel a bit more comfortable at doing my job now, has made me brave. I've been here for almost a year now and I can see why everyone keeps saying it takes two years to feel 'at home' somewhere. I didn't have that problem in London, but I also didn't really have to find a job there or pay my own rent. And let's just admit it: making friends is so much easier when you're in college! But as I said, something has changed and I've decided I need to be serious about investing time in hobbies and meeting people, if not for making friends than just to be out and about and having a conversation with someone (someone without the same last name) every once in while. Up until now that always scared me and just like that... the feeling went away too. I'm assuming this is normal. 

This week has therefore been groundbreaking: I contacted the coach of the local masters swim team for a try out and swam with the team yesterday. It was nerve-wrecking, especially since I'm out of shape, but it was also fun and empowering. Next to that I've signed up to volunteer at a German Shepherd Rescue (being around dogs without being able to adopt one might not be the best idea but still) so I'll keep you posted on how that works out. Oh, and I also went to a second book club meetup last week. I feel like I've accomplished so much in two weeks even though most of it are the 'normal' day to day things in life. But in the end... that's what makes you feel at home, right? Now I just have to stick to my new goals.

When did you realise you started feeling at home somewhere?

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