June 24, 2014


During my first visit to the US in 2011 Nick and I took an epic road trip up the West Coast. We traveled from San Diego all the way to Seattle in two weeks, camping along the way. This is the story of that journey and you can read the previous posts here.


Ready for another one of my camping stories? Talking about my road trip turned out to be rather boring with all those camp grounds (you can see our route so far by clicking here)! But I promise you this one has San Francisco in it. Today I'm presenting you a very special camping spot, because who would think to camp while visiting a city? Definitely not me, but my genius better half did three years ago and it was a perfect idea. The camp ground was by far the best one we'd stayed at (seems like the more north you go, the better they get...) and it was actually WARM on the other side of the Bay. Finally some California weather!
Beautiful view over Lake Chabot Reservoir
The omnipresent eucalyptus trees
Why camp? 

Let me tell you that I wasn't (and am still not) the biggest fan of camping, but the camp ground we picked was a 15 minute drive from a BART station (Hello public transport!) where we could park the car in the morning, buy a relatively cheap ticket into the city and just wander around from there. Because you can actually do that in San Francisco. When I went back to the city with my parents this summer, we parked the car in a central parking structure every day and the daily rate can easily be 40 dollars. It might not seem much if you're planning on spending money anyway, but the alternative route can definitely save you a few bucks. Plus, you get to escape the city in the evening and try to spot owls, encounter your first scorpion on a midnight walk to the bathroom and be greeted by curious turkeys in the morning. What's not to love? 
The visiting Turkey
If you're up for an adventurous city trip I definitely recommend the Anthony Chabot campground. Since I've already said quite a bit about San Francisco (here and here) and I covered most of the same things when I went back with my parents last summer, I thought I'd just show you the pictures of my first visit. I absolutely love this wonderful, expensive and very European city!

The Bay Bridge
Port of San Francisco and the Financial District 
The Lefty's Store
Pier 39
Pier 39
Little Italy
Saints Peter and Paul Church where Marilyn Monroe got married to Joe DiMaggio
Golden Gate Bridge

Anthony Chabot Regional Park
9999 Redwood Road
Castro Valley, CA 94546

Have you ever been to San Francisco? Would you opt for the camping route?

PS: Dan from the amazing expat blog Live Work Travel USA interviewed me last week and you can read about it here! Don't forget to check out the rest of his website!

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  1. I would never ever get the idea to camp in San Francisco but it seems to be really cool. Would love to visit the city one day too!

    1. San Francisco is amazing, definitely my favourite city in California :)

  2. Oh and by the way, you may want to get rid of captcha as it was no fun commenting here. I had to type in a new captcha 8 times :(

    1. Oh god, I'm sorry about that! I didn't even know it was on... Thanks for letting me know, it should be fixed now ;)

  3. Camping in San Fran? Never would have put those two together. Would love to visit one day.

  4. Oh my gosh this is beautiful! I mean if there is one thing I want to visit on the west coast it's San Francisco, it's art and history and beautiful landscape! These pictures are superb! (sadly I'm not much of a camping kinda girl, but it's a cool idea! Good budget wise too!)

  5. The Sea Lebrities of Pier 39.. they're just so lovely.
    Ooh camping with scorpions and owls? count me in, just please no turkey. no, no, turkey.


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