June 13, 2014


When Irene from Away From Tenerife nominated me this week to share some fun facts about myself I really didn't know where to start. It's pretty hard to come up with that stuff about yourself. But it sounded like a fun idea and I loved reading her post (you should definitely check it out) so I decided it's time for me to share some more random things about myself: 

1. I'm left handed. I feel like that's a random fact. I still remember the first time I had to make the sign of the cross in church and did it with my left hand. Needless to say it shocked most of my aunts! Also when I first picked up my sister's guitar I actually held it upside down (how clueless of me). I later found out some guitar players actually play like that (Jimmy Hendrix could play the guitar in almost ANY possible way), but it never really worked for me... 

2. If you see me reading a book, prepare to be ignored. I literally
don't hear anything when I'm reading a good book, which has gotten me into trouble more than once. So please repeat your question or wave your hand...

3. My day hasn't started until I've had breakfast. I'm not fun to be around on an empty stomach.

4. I don't really like the hassle of travelling or staying somewhere for a short time. I do like getting immersed in a culture and living like the locals.
5. I've always dreamed of becoming a bad ass female rock star (a bit like the female Josh Homme, Alex Turner or Kurt Cobain minus the drug addiction), but I have no exceptional guitar skills and a terrible voice. I would still secretly like to be a famous music journalist though.

6. I could have pizza every day. And I don't understand why Americans don't put tuna on their pizza, it's my favorite.

7. Until I was 8, boys and girls went to separate schools in Belgium. When they changed the rules I transferred to the local boys school (because we didn't like the teachers at the girls school) and was one out of three girls in a class full of boys. Of course everyone at the school knew our names.

8. I really love dressing up for winter, that's what I probably miss the most here. 

9. Buying presents for other people or planning a surprise is so much more fun to me than getting presents.

10. People find it strange that I write with a fountain pen (especially since I'm left handed) but I've been doing that for most of my life and prefer it to any 'normal' pen.

That was it for me now I'd like to nominate these awesome bloggers to share some random facts (absolutely no rules) about themselves:
Apologies if you've already done this!

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  1. Wow that is really interesting about the schooling!! I can't imagine what it would have been like being one of only 3 girls! I bet all the boys loved you haha

    1. Haha they definitely looked at us as if we came from another planet ;)

  2. So much fun to read this! I've never tried tuna on a pizza but I promise I will!
    I'll start working on a post like this about myself right away!

    1. Haha so it's not just the US that doesn't have tuna pizzas? I feel like I'm weird now ;) But you should definitely try it out!

  3. Thank you for the nomination!!! I really want to do one of these but I always find a reason not to. I'm with you on the breakfast thing - I get SO HANGRY!! Awful!
    Also, I didn't know that in Belgium schools were separate until so recently ... crazy!!

    1. You're welcome ;) Same here, I always love reading these lists but never actually wrote one myself... I'm looking forward to reading yours! And yes, I wish I could skip breakfast and have brunch like so many other people, but that's just torture!


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