August 15, 2014



No reason for panicking, your did not forget Mothers day. Unless you live in a certain region of Belgium that is. Around Antwerp you'll find some crazy people who actually celebrate Mothers day
 twice (Fathers day too by the way). Because once is not enough! So the 15th of August is kind of you're second chance if you screwed up in May. I didn't for the record, but I thought it would be nice to share this list I wrote on my old blog for my mom a couple of years ago. Being so far away from my parents has definitely made me appreciate them even more. Highly emotional content to follow: consider yourself warned!

  1. She has my back, always. Whether it's a situation with my landlord that needs to be solved or I'm just having a bad day, she's always there to make angry phone calls or send intimidating letters. I hope I'll be able to do that myself one day...
  2. She looks beautiful. Even though she's very conscious about her age now and always worries about the so called wrinkles (I can't see them!) and the grey hair. She's got style and she's got class!
  3. She is an amazing shopping buddy. I can't deny that I prefer shopping with my mom over shopping with anyone else, cause she's brutally honest and yes, she sometimes pays for my clothes... 
  4. She has a sweet tooth. And she raised me with a sweet tooth as well. It's the best thing to go grocery shopping with her and enjoy a bag of sweets on the way back home. Good memories!
  5. She is intelligent and ambitious. Four years ago she started studying again after hesitating for several years. She gets higher grades than I ever did and enjoys her Spanish literature and history classes and I look up to her for that. She's writing up her thesis as we speak, you go mom!
  6. She takes took care of my dog. When I went away to university, it was my mom who took care of my dog and 'my best buddy' in a way I could probably have never done it. Ok, admittedly she totally spoiled her, but I think the feeling was mutual...
  7. She trusts my judgement and I trust her unconditionally. When I brought home the love of my life, who isn't from across the street but rather from across the pond, my parents invited him in with open arms and I can't thank them enough for that. 
  8. She's silly. Laughing and giggling all the time. It makes me giggle.
  9. She was a crazy music fan in her days. Knowing all the obscure bands from the eighties and listening to heavy new wave in her room. Poor grandparents... I guess I have her to thank for my musical upbringing (my dad contributed with AC/DC and Status Quo).
  10. She raised me and my sister. And we turned out to be pretty cool, I think. 
(11. Because she (and my dad) let me follow my heart. And it must not have been easy) 

I promise this is all the melodrama you'll get from me today, now go grab a tissue.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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