August 12, 2014


It feels kind of weird to write another blog post again after such a long time, kind of like so much have happened that I don't know about. It's only been a month and a half but I also feel like 3 months have been crammed into one, you know? Going back home was amazing, but as you can probably imagine our days were packed to the brim with activities. We stayed up late, drank too much cava, had multiple parties and basically just never got over our jet lag. Those two weeks were definitely much too short...

And what happened to the weather in California while I was gone? I must have unintentionally brought back a bit of that Belgian humidity with me, because my lord it has been humid! Can you believe it even rained last week? In-the-middle-of-summer-for-crying-out-loud! Getting attacked by mosquitoes is something I'd happily said goodbye to when moving to California last year, this wasn't the deal San Diego! Let's pray the weather gets back to it's usual perfection soon, because I can't cope with these luxury problems. 

So the last two weeks one of my friends from university visited my new hometown (it's not like I didn't want to start blogging right after I got back) and I just seized the opportunity to discover more of San Diego and LA with her (great stories coming up!). It felt great to be a tourist in my own town for a bit, but I can't wait to catch up with all of your adventures I missed. Because honestly, I missed blogging!
*Spoiler alert: we went on a celebrity homes tour in LA*

So, have you missed me?

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