September 12, 2014


My trip home seems like a lifetime ago already. It's September and I haven't even had the chance found the time to talk about it yet. Did I tell you that we almost missed our flight? Yeah, we did. Not because we were late but because we were standing at the wrong gate (for 3 hours). So when the airline called to check if we were going to make it, I started panicking. We had been there for hours already and never realized. Turned out we had to go to another terminal - going through security again! - and I had these doom scenario's in my head of actually missing that flight I'd been looking forward to so much. We made it, thank god, but I've never been so sweaty in my life. 

The main event during those two weeks was to be our wedding reception(s). It had been the idea from the beginning to have some sort of celebration back home, because I really wanted to include everyone in this and share it with my friends and family. Planning everything however (especially from another continent) was more stressful than I'd expected and I'm sure I could have done a better job at organizing. Part of me wants to do it all over again and take my time now but the other (more dominant) part is actually glad that this wedding marathon is over. I mean, normal people don't have three wedding celebrations in less than a year, right? I wouldn't mind having a party every weekend, but I'm definitely happy we can close this wedding planning chapter! 

We did't take a whole lot of pictures (here I go again) during these two parties, because we were chatting the whole time, eating tons of good food or more likely just drinking. So I'll share a snapshot as proof that it actually happened! 

Picture taken by a thoughtful friend

The first weekend we had a party in our backyard for my friends. Of course it was raining incredibly hard that whole weekend. We made it work, but it just shows you how Californians have it pretty darn easy. The second weekend we had booked a venue for my family and guess what... it was 35 degrees C, humid and no cloud to be seen in the sky. Being inside proved to be a blessing anyway because of the air conditioning, but still Belgium definitely didn't disappoint with its fickle weather.

And with that my friends, I'm officially closing this circle of weddings! I should probably start planning the renewing of our wedding vows in 10 years though. Just to be sure. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Haha, wow! Sounds like you put in a good effort! Love that photo with the wine being presented - does life get any better? ;)

    1. Haha thanks Sammy, that's exactly why I love that picture too ;)


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