October 3, 2014


It's been a while since I last shared another place to eat at on this blog. I don't know why that is because I love food, who doesn't? So let's set the record straight I'm the sort of person who looks forward to having breakfast before going to bed, can't usually go without having three meals a day and I never say no to pizza. It's the food of the gods, if you ask me. So you can imagine my joy when we ended up at this amazing restaurant by sheer luck.

Nick and I don't eat out a lot (we try not to) but we do try out a new restaurant every now and then. The Blue Ribbon Artisan Pizzeria is one of those places we tried on a whim and it instantly made it to our bestsellers list. I don't know where we were driving back from but we decided we wanted pizza (I love it when our minds think alike) so I quickly looked up a list of nice local restaurants in the Encinitas-Carlsbad area on the way home. Random elimination and instincts made us end up here and that was definitely not disappointing.

This pizzeria is a tiny little restaurant along the Pacific Coast Highway and you wouldn't really notice it unless you know it's there. We arrived a bit before dinnertime but the place was already quite busy so I guess it's best to make reservations if you want to secure a spot. I chose the Pizza Blanca and Nick had the My Father's Pizza and I was lucky to be able to snap these pictures because someone didn't have the patience to wait! We both agreed that mine was definitely the better pizza of the two, but we loved how homemade they looked and tasted. What's even better is that the portions weren't too big at all. Let's just say there were no leftovers and that felt damn great.

Want to try it out yourself?
897 So. Coast Hwy 101 
Suite F102

Encinitas CA 92024

My favourite food places
I started thinking about some of my favourite restaurants when I was contacted by Julia, from The Besty a few weeks ago. The Besty is a website where people can share the restaurants, bars or cafes they would definitely recommend to others (favourites or not) so that everyone can enjoy them. It's sort of like Yelp, but without all the negativity. If you don't like a place or weren't treated properly you should be able to say so, but from my experience it's not always an honest system. So I jumped on the bandwagon and made a short list of some of my favourite restaurants I've been to so far. My profile still needs some work, but feel free to have a look! This post is NOT sponsored, I just enjoyed the idea and wanted to join in with making my own list.

Moving to the US has been an eye-opener in that department, because people just eat out more often here and therefore I am too.

What's your absolute favourite restaurant in the world? 


  1. Craving pizza at 8.30 am ... whoops!
    Going to check out Besty, I like the sound of it!

    1. Haha sorry ;) I just noticed that Blogger didn't show the links and I can't get it to work so here it is - just in case - http://www.thebesty.com/snowflakesincalifornia


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