January 29, 2015


Anyone who read last week's post on Birmingham can probably still remember me rambling on about how much I liked the city. Well, I have a confession to make: when I told you what I liked most about Birmingham, I lied. Gasp! Of course I liked the fact that I saw very few tourists on the street. It made me feel part of the in crowd for a second. The creative people who discover things before I usually do (in this case my sister, in general: everyone) but my absolute favourite part - pinky swear - was seeing this amazing street art.

We were walking towards the Custard Factory - a shopping area for independent stores - in Digbeth and I think my mouth literally dropped to the floor. I was told it was artistic neighbourhood and on the website it's actually called 'the creative quarter' but still... it took me by surprise. Especially seeing the artwork in the first picture!

From there we just followed the art trail until we reached the parallel street to Gibb street, Floodgate street, I think? And it just went on. I'm sure there are even more colourful things to discover around the city, but we only went as far as our legs would take us. I guess a lot of this art is a result of the 'City of Colours' street art festival. And it looks like there will be another one this year.

It looked like a real party if you ask me and they did a great job in turning the area into a "sea of colours" and the "biggest outdoor art gallery". Now I probably need to be present at next edition!

What do you think of the idea? 

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