February 22, 2015


This is one for all my fellow lovers of food and everything sweet and greasy: if a margarita donut (for National Margarita Day today), a french toast donut or anything that looks pink and has sprinkles on top sounds like music to your ears then The Donut Bar in downtown San Diego is the place to be. I mean I really want to try out that margarita donut right about now... perfect for a lazy Sunday! 

I've been told the place is pretty famous but of course I had never heard until - conveniently - a week before my birthday. Needless to say I didn't want cake anymore but doughnuts. We didn't know however that there is a bit of work involved getting these delicious looking things fried by the gods: queuing. And I didn't really feel like waiting for food on my birthday even if it looks this delicious (thank you very much) but we did go back a few weeks later. 

Since we had already forgotten just how long that line can get we decided we had nothing better to do than just join in and wait. It took us 40 minutes in the end but we did leave with a glorious supply of dooughnuts. Let me tell you though: choosing under pressure like that is very hard! 

The menu changes daily and is posted on the website the evening before so you could make your decisions ahead if you wanted - even if you probably forget all about them once you get there. It is overwhelming! The thing is... you know when the Donut Bar opens but never when it closes, since they just keep going until they're sold out. So if you want your first choice, you better go stand in that line! Smart people probably just order a dozen doughnuts in advance (although I don't know if you can skip the line when you do this because that would be awesome) but I've been known to be stubborn. 

Thinking back about it now we probably should have ordered a dozen because then at least I could have tried every single flavour colour I wanted. But some of these doughnuts are HUGE and it's a lot of food for just two people. Still, these were some of the best doughnuts I've tasted in my life; creative, fun and the dough is actually very 'light' compared to others.  

Doughnuts we tried: Crème brûlée, Chocolate Euphoria, Apple fritter, Nutella

Doughnuts I would love to try: Margarita, French Toast (order in advance!), Strawberry Cheesecake, Maple Bacon, Birthday Cake, ... ok just all of them please.


You can find these delicious fried pieces of heaven at two different locations: 

631 B St, San Diego
18011 Newhope St, Fountain Valley
Mon-Fri: 7AM - We Sell Out
Sat & Sun: 8AM - We Sell Out

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