March 4, 2015


Happy beginning of March y'all! Spring is fast approaching and even though that might not mean much when you're living in Southern California compared to everyone dealing with the snow, I am looking forward to warmer water temperatures! We've been living in La Jolla for almost a year now - a place with one of the most beautiful beaches in the US - and I'd like to think we've been taking full advantage of that. But California is a big place and even though I've discovered so many great place I'm sort of insatiable. So when I was thinking about short trips we could take I realized there are so many things I would like to experience and do! Since god knows I never took full advantage of my semester in London this is a reminder to myself to never take my surroundings for granted and wait to do things just because "they aren't going anywhere":  

  1. Go to Coachella
    I used to be crazy about music festivals and even though I've kind off grown out of it - especially when it comes to camping in scorching temperatures and not showering for days - I would like to go to at least one festival in the US. So let it be Coachella.
  2. Visit the famous state and national parks
    Yosemite, Joshua Tree, ... I don't think I could tell anyone back home after living here for x amount of years that I have NOT visited these incredible spots.
  3. Discover the state capital
    It's definitely a city overlooked in California (is it because there's no beach?) but I would love to visit Sacramento. Just to have seen it.
  4. Go whale watching
    This should probably be my number one priority because I already get excited when I see a seal popping up beside us when we go body boarding. Just imagine seeing a whale in nature...
  5. Cross the border to Mexico
    Ok so technically that's not in California but I mean, we're so close and I've never been to Mexico!!
  6. Go skiing in Cali
    Preferably do the skiing and beach thing in one day just to proof how decadent life can be here but I'll settle for skiing if that's all I can get.
  7. Experience the Comic-Con madness in San Diego
    Last year I was completely oblivious to the ticket sale and this year I was naive and underprepared. It turns out getting tickets is pretty complicated but I'm sure I'll be 100 percent ready next year. Bam!
  8. Go wine tasting in Napa
    San Diego has some pretty amazing wineries - just like many other regions in California I guess - but Napa Valley has the reputation. And I would love to see what all the fuss is about.
Any recommendations I should definitely add? 

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