March 24, 2015


Remember that time I told you I would really like to go to Coachella? Yeah, apparently that will be happening sooner than expected. At the time I wrote that down, I had already applied for a media pass as a journalist to go for work. But me being me, I assumed my chances of actually going were pretty slim. Guess I was wrong!

When I got the email two weeks ago I had just started my evening shift and almost couldn't concentrate anymore. Maybe they thought that sending the good news at 3 pm on a Friday afternoon would be a nice way to finish a work day for most people, but I had just started! And after stressing about where to stay, I started to worry about everything else and then I got scared. Scared because I'll be going by myself and that's pretty overwhelming and afraid whatever I write about it is going to suck. I create doomsday scenarios for free if you're interested... 

So I didn't want to share the good news at first, worrying that it would only confirm my fears in the end. And you know what? I shouldn't have done that. It took me so long to actually work up the courage to ask my boss if I could go & then it took about two more weeks to click SEND on the application... I'm sure that confirmation email isn't going to magically disappear just because I told everyone - god I hope not. It's easier said than done (trust me, I know!) but sometimes you just have to go for it. Because life is too short and therefore I'm just going to ignore my fears for the next couple of weeks. It's probably a bit like solo travelling, right? 

Also, I was not at all prepared for the prices of staying in the Coachella valley during that time (again, naive!) so I'm staying at probably the worst camping spot ever because I refuse to pay 300 dollars a night. Which only adds to my worries.

Have you ever traveled or gone to a festival by yourself?

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