May 11, 2015


I'm back, everyone! I guess I have taken an unintentional vacation from the blog (again) and I don't really have an explanation for it (again). Sorry for disappearing on you but life seems to get in the way of blogging sometimes. I get too busy hate to plan posts in advance (something I'm not even good at to begin with) and often I just don't feel like sitting behind the computer since I do that for work all day. So I'm afraid this will definitely happen again - especially when you and I both least expect it - but know  I'll always be back! I just kind of needed to recharge my batteries. 

Anyway, that's why this post I had planned to put up two days after Coachella, is making it's way to your blogroll now... a month later. I'm just going to state the obvious here and say that it was an amazing experience - although a bit tiring (maybe I am getting too old for this?). Having gone only to Belgian festivals I can safely say that festivals in the US are another case of aiming for #bigger & #better + definitely more expensive...  

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Where in Belgium the weather can pretty much go either way: very rainy or very hot and sunny during the summer, Coachella was just hot with a capital H. Locals would probably call the first weekend breezy because lucky for us temperatures stayed well below a hundred (rond de 30 graden). But somehow it didn't really feel that way. I quickly figured out why the majority of people doesn't really show up until 5 pm: the rookie mistakes. 

With most of the stages directly facing the sun there is no rush to wait for your favourite band. Which is nice. But watching bands still puts you at risk of a severe heat stroke. Braving the afternoon sun for Royal Blood was definitely worth it though. I had gotten up pretty early that day to drive there so by 5 pm I had a terrible headache, was left with a permanent imprint of my sunglasses on my face and had so much sunscreen on my face I couldn't open my eyes anymore. Milky Chance therefore passed in a haze (quite literally). The singer was ill, but I honestly didn't notice. They were amazing. 


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The festival grounds are already pretty impressive during the day, but when night falls it's as if you stepped into a completely different world. Coachella turned into this breathtaking psychedelic wonderland with Alt-J playing in the background that my phone refused to capture. You'll just have to take my word for it, look at the one good picture of the caterpillar and imagine the blue and green mushroomlike art installations spread across the grounds, the strings of white balloons floating in the air & the ever present palm trees lit up in rainbow colours. Or you can just google it of course.

Concluding thought of the day: I don't know how anyone can drink alcohol in that kind weather and still enjoy themselves. I was clinging to my water bottle like a maniac. 

So far so good. On Sunday the caterpillar turned into a beautiful butterfly and I put my newly acquired knowledge to good use and arrived a bit later. By the time Stromae's set was coming up I was wide awake and ready to capture the mood. It's incredible to see a Belgian performer take the US by storm but it was even better to see and hear with my own eyes (& ears I guess) how well he's doing. Because the Mojave tent - even though it wasn't filled to the brim - blew up when he opened with Ta fête. I have to admit I felt pretty proud of my tiny country. You can read my article here (for anyone who speaks Dutch) and everyone else should definitely check him out (my favourite is Tous Les Memes).

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It's definitely strange to see how the otherwise quieter Inland Empire gets transformed into this crazy hipster mecca two weekends a year. And even though it would have been more fun to go with a group of friends (if we were filthy rich and could stay in the nicest hotels), it was also sort of relaxing to go by myself. I'm glad I got to experience the madness. Also, I didn't see any celebrities in case anyone's wondering. Pretty disappointing considering everyone & Justin Bieber was in the area. Maybe next year!

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