May 31, 2015



I turned 25 a few months ago and if I'm being honest, it was a big deal to me. Realizing that it's normal I don't have my life figured out and I have no idea where I want to be in 5 years -you know, the usual - took some time. I guess 25 isn't the age of wisdom after all (I'll try again next year!) and that's probably for the best because what would I be doing with the rest of my life if it was already 'perfect' now? Still, sometimes I simply can't believe I'm officially in my 'mid-twenties'. Where did all that time go? And as a true child of my generation I have the occasional FOMO, but nothing a good day of binge watching and doing absolutely nothing can't fix. Until... I actually started growing old. And that, my friends, is quite scary. Especially because it all happened after my last birthday.

It started with back pain. Never in my life had I complained about my back before and here I was understanding exactly what my dad had been talking about for all those years. And then came the glasses. Me! Wearing glasses! I've literally never had a problem with my eyes and thought I'd safely avoided the whole issue years ago. Until I couldn't read the signs along the road anymore. Maybe it's karma getting back at me for buying those fake hipster glasses when I was 18 (just like I thought braces were cool because everyone had them except for me) or maybe it's all just going downhill from here...

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I've been told this opens up a whole new spectrum of fashion possibilities because a good pair of glasses can fix almost any look. Plus I do seem smarter when I wear them and since I technically only need them for driving I shouldn't be complaining. But ever since that that day at the doctor's office I'm constantly comparing my view with glasses to that without. It's depressing and I blame it on computers. So, I guess now I'm officially old. Fingers crossed I'll never have to wear them full time because I'm terrified of contacts.

So this wasn't me but the quarter life crisis talking. The point is; I can live with the glasses (I actually love them!), the occasional back pain and I don't mind getting wrinkles. I do hope however there are no more surprises in that department for the next few month because at this rate... it's going to be a hell of a roller coaster ride. So if life could just wait a few more years on the gray hairs, that would be great. 

Anyone else ever feel like a walking cliche? 

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