May 27, 2015



It's almost been a month since our short little trip to Carmel and I still can't get over how beautiful it was. We were there for a (very) short weekend to attend a wedding and drove all the way up there. Needless to say it was a very long and boring drive since we didn't spend it on the beautiful Highway 1 along the coast, but on the faster main freeways that took us more inland. Let me tell you that you never really grasp how long seven hours is until you have to spend that time in a car. And then to think that you can't even drive for seven hours in Belgium, California is huge!
I had heard a lot about Carmel - mainly how it's one of the most beautiful places to visit in California - and even though it was freezing for this spoiled Southerner I can see why people are convinced about this. I fell in love with Big Sur when drove up the West Coast and visited Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park a couple of years ago, which is only an hour south of Carmel, but it has the same rugged look to it. So on our first morning in Carmel we bundled up (as in put on the one jacket we brought with us) and went for a walk on the beach. 

The town itself looked like any other beach town along the California coast but we didn't really have time to walk around and take pictures. Instead we hung around this beach, which was pretty close to the church the wedding was being held at and were you can spot the weirdest, most decadent and lovely houses near the ocean. Definitely a nice place to retire (if you have money). But I don't think I would have the patience for the tiny roads and one way streets. Sometimes La Jolla drives me crazy already.


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So another place I completely fell in love with is the Carmel Mission, which was - according to dear Wiki - the second mission in California. The full name is Mission San Carlos Borroméo del río Carmelo and it's a U.S. National Historic Landmark. It's been restorated and renovated over the years but since it dates back to 1771, ladies and gentlemen, I can safely say this one of the oldest buildings I've seen in the US so far! Needless to say you can't go to Carmel and miss out this incredible piece of history. 


Clint Eastwood's house? 

Last, but not least the wedding we attended brought us to - of all people - Clint Eastwood's metaphorical doorstep. And let me tell you, that guy has one hell of a backyard. Tehama Golf Club is a private club, so it felt pretty special to be there. Now, I don't golf at all so I probably missed the opportunity of a lifetime but hey, you can't have everything right? 

Ocean views!

It was chilly and windy, but the view definitely took my breath away! Travelling for weddings is something I'm new to but once you see the pretty locations to choose from in the US I can understand why. The only downside was we still had to drive all the way back to San Diego the next day!

Have you ever been to Carmel or attended a wedding at an incredible destination? 

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