May 15, 2015


Rain has always triggered a certain kind of nostalgia in me. It reminds me of home and the the changing of the seasons. And I've learned to really enjoy a good thunderstorm every now and then - although it did give me nightmares as a kid. Thunder is ok, but I seem to have an irrational fear of lightning. But it's not only that... sometimes rain is just fun! And I'm sure California would agree with me here since we desperately need more water. I love swimming in the rain in the summer, biking home when those clouds are gathering and feeling like knowing it's a race against time or spending a Sunday doing nothing else than reading and watching TV in front of the fire because there's nothing else to do. Last year Nick bought me new windshield wipers and I get ridiculously happy every time I get to use them. Does that mean I'm crazy? 

It feels wrong to even say this out loud since I'm sure anyone in Belgium (including myself if I was still there) would happily trade places with me for some more sunshine. We crave it sometimes. But even tough I love San Diego, Rain becomes something very precious when you literally have none. So now I'm one of those people who takes pictures of it and when it started raining yesterday I actually smelled it. There's that first smell of gasoline or rubber you get when it starts raining after a long time (anyone know what I'm taking about?) and it hit me while I was working so I ran out onto the balcony like a maniac thinking it must be raining. And yes, it was. 

This might seem like a lot of rambling about the weather, but I guess I'm just thinking of home today and feeling a little bit of that homesickness creeping up. Every so often I need a rainy day. The only downside is that it means I can't go in the ocean for the next 72 hours because of the runoff. Every cloud has a silver lining but the reverse is also true I guess!

What type of weather would you miss from home? 

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