June 7, 2015


Happy Sunday everyone! First of all, I changed domain names this weekend and I've been having problems with switching the comments on my blog. My apologies for that! I hope to have this sorted out soon, but in the mean time it might take me a while to reply...

Apart from that I thought I'd share something completely different today. I've been trying to reduce the amount of trash/plastic/chemicals I use, which has been a very slow process (but I'm trying right?). One of the successes however has definitely been making my own deodorant. That's the beauty of working from home I guess, because I can literally try out anything (I've thought about dying my hair pink) and none of my colleagues have to put up with it - just my husband and he definitely thought I was crazy for this. 

After being disappointed by organic/natural deodorants and the deodorant bar at Lush (it works better than any other natural option but it just didn't make me feel comfortable enough to wear it out all day) my 
sister found this recipe on a blog. When even my mom - who stands in front of a classroom all day - told me it did in fact work, I was convinced I had to try it. So on a boring Friday morning in April I decided to buy coconut oil and started mixing the ingredients. The recipe is ridiculously easy and most of the ingredients were already in my kitchen cabinet (corn starch: check, baking soda: check). 

I didn't add any oils for fragrance (so it just smells vaguely like coconut, which I like) and I've been using it ever since! You do have to get used to your deodorant being a paste (depending on the climate). And although I've heard it can irritate the skin (like any other deodorant) if you apply it right after showering or shaving, I've never had a problem with that. 

The great part: no more of those annoying white stains on my clothes and a lot less laundry. Even my husband has to admit I don't smell bad. The only thing I haven't figured out yet is how long this deodorant stays good for. So I might have to cut the recipe in half in the future because right now I have an extra jar sitting in the bathroom drawer...

Do you make any of your own beauty products or would you consider it? 

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