June 26, 2015


Firmoo offered me a free pair of glasses in exchange for an honest review 
All opinions are - of course - my own

Happy Friday everyone! As you may know I only started wearing glasses this year. It took me some time to come to terms with that since I never needed help with my eye sight before, but I'm growing fond of them now. Let's be honest, I feel smarter too when I wear them. So when Firmoo contacted me a few months ago and asked if I wanted to review a pair of their glasses, I immediately said yes. Because every girl needs at least an extra pair for those days when you just spent and hour picking out an outfit and then your glasses don't match!

PS: it was windy on Mount Soledad!

The hardest part was obviously picking the frame but I eventually decided on this round shaped burgundy beauty. The ordering process is extremely easy and fast. It was the second time I ordered a pair of glasses online and the only downside with Firmoo's website is that you have to either already know your pupillary distance (PD) or measure it yourself. Which can be tricky (at least for rookies like me). So I was glad I already knew mine. Other than that you can either fill out your prescription yourself or upload a picture of it. 

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I have to admit I was a bit skeptical of the pricing. I didn't have to pay for these glasses but their eye wear in general is pretty cheap. And with that comes free 1.5 index lenses and an anti-scratch coating (other options or customizing makes it a bit more expensive). You can basically buy a pair for each day of the week if you want ( & yes, I have thought about this!). My glasses arrived about a month ago and pretty quickly after I ordered them. I really loved the case they came in (although the fluorescent green cleaning cloth is a bit TOO green for my taste). The package also included a bag that doubles as a cleaning cloth and a little screwdriver. 

Posing on Windansea Beach

Since I only wear my glasses for driving I wanted to try them out for a while before posting this review. And I have to say I absolutely love them! They are very light weight yet sturdy and fit my face better than my other glasses (as in they don't slide down my nose at all and fit better around my head). I picked them based on the measurements of my other glasses (you can also try them on virtually by uploading a picture - sadly not via webcam) so I knew the frame wouldn't be a huge risk, but they have definitely become my favorite pair since then. Also, it gave me the opportunity to force Nick into the role of photographer and do this photo shoot with me. So thank you Firmoo!

I would definitely recommend anyone in need of a new pair of glasses to give the website a try. Especially if you're on a budget or if you're like me and don't want to spend a lot of money on a pair of glasses that you don't need to wear all day. Great news too is that Firmoo ships globally (check countries & costs) and offers first time customers 15% off on their frames. You can get a coupon code here

Do you wear glasses? And do you ever buy them online?  

PS: This was my first review ever so if you have any other questions, shoot!

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