July 2, 2015


I can't believe a month has passed and it's already time for another flashback to my days in Belgium. Because of the current heatwave in Western Europe I thought it only appropriate to take you back to my first (yes, you read that correctly) visit to Bruges almost exactly four years ago. Despite the fact that it's a number one on many a tourist's list - it's also the first thing anyone mentions when they hear I am from Belgium - I had never been there. I simply never felt the need to go there. Enter Nick visiting and you have the perfect opportunity to be a tourist in your own country. So on a very hot day at the end of June we decided to take the train and cross this city off our lists.

One thing you need to know about taking the train in Belgium when it's hot, is that you might want to avoid going towards the coast altogether. Unless you want to see what a zombie apocalypse might look like. Roads and trains alike are packed on days like that. I should have thought of this, but didn't. On top of that it was also one of the first weekends of the summer break so literally everyone was headed to the seaside. Perfect timing for trains to break down, if you ask me. Bottom line: instead of two or three trains going to Ghent and/ or Bruges every hour we only got one. And everyone in Belgium was on it. Joy! 

The train ride was definitely a nightmare (and trust me, the way back was even worse) but at least we arrived safely in Bruges. I never really realized how small the city center is until that day because we could easily walk around. We didn't have any clear plans or goals except for enjoying the sights and having a nice cold beer. It was definitely too hot to climb the many stairs of the Belfry! 

We did indulge in one tourist trap however and took a boat ride along the canals. Definitely worth it and very refreshing in those temperatures!

All in all I was really glad I finally got to pay this city a visit - and was able to go back home in the end. Thank you Gods of Public Transportation! But I have to admit that it didn't leave me mesmerized as it does many visitors. Could it be that apart from those beautiful canals it does look like a lot of a ton of other Belgian cities? Maybe I'm we're just spoiled!

Are there any famous touristic areas in your country you've always wanted to visit? 

PS: Nick took a lot of these pictures but I'm claiming them for my blog. I'm just being nice and giving him the credit.
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